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Zesty Sauces: Homemade Sauces with a Bold and Spicy Spin.
Zesty Sauces: Homemade Sauces with a Bold and Spicy Spin

40 bold, zesty, and sometimes spicy sauces you can make at home, perfect for spicing up any meal. This is the perfect collection for chili pepper lovers who want great spicy sauces for their dishes, with photos and cooking directions.

We love sauce here at Chili Pepper Madness. As anyone who has ever visited our web site, you also know that we love and adore chili peppers of all types, and while itís absolutely exciting to cook up chili peppers for our meals, one of our favorite activities is working them into our sauces. A sauce can make or break a meal. It can easily turn a once-considered bland meal into a family favorite. We often like to say that for many a meal, the secret is in the sauce, but always bear one thing in mind - a sauce is not meant to smother a dish, but to compliment it. A well-conceived sauce is what you need it to be for a particular dish, and if youíre like us, what that really means is:

I want my meal to have some zing!

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